Triptych, not a Trilogy

On one the interesting things in the Wu Ming interview comes in the third section of the audio, where they describe their Manituana book as the first in a triptych, not a trilogy. The second is on the French Revolution. They say the three should be seen together, rather than one being the sequel to another. The link is the thematic, not the characters or chronology. So that’s how I should describe my Terror and Territory, The Birth of Territory and (the projected) The Space of the World then…

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1 Response to Triptych, not a Trilogy

  1. bobthechef says:

    People screw this up all the time in English. They have a vague understanding of the term “trilogy” and so any set of three books or movies or what have you are called a trilogy. I don’t know about this case, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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