Heidegger Among the Sculptors

Just finished reading Andrew Mitchell, Heidegger Among the Sculptors: Body, Space, and the Art of Dwelling. It’s an interesting read, discussing four places where Heidegger engages with sculpture and/or sculptors. This includes the best known piece ‘Art and Space’, inspired by the work of Eduardo Chillada; a piece on an Ernst Barlach exhibition; one on Bernhard Heiliger; and on Greek depictions of Athena. The book is nicely illustrated by examples of the sculptures, and has some good photographs of Heidegger, many of which I’d not seen before.

Part of the reason I read this brief book now is that I will be working on Peter Sloterdijk’s Sphären over the next couple of weeks, which Sloterdijk half-jokingly describes as Being and Space, and so I was interested in Mitchell’s book which touches on similar issues. One thing I liked about Mitchell’s book was the way that he gave generous credit to previous work on Heidegger and space – Edward Casey, Jeff Malpas, Alejandro Vallega, and my Mapping the Present included – before setting out his own interpretation, drawing on texts that these others didn’t discuss. The exception – as he notes – is that I do discuss ‘Art and Space’. In fact, I actually made a retranslation of that text as an appendix of my PhD thesis which was a first draft of Mapping the Present.

In summary: anyone interested in Heidegger and space should take a look at Mitchell’s book.

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