A day of minor things

Yesterday was the busiest day yet on this blog, though of course it was mainly to see a post that I didn’t write. I’m sure that I should have followed up today with some insightful thoughts or hard-hitting polemics, but instead I mentioned a consilia of Bartolus of Sassoferrato.

It’s been a day of minor things. Time in the British Library is always worthwhile and a few more things checked off for the territory and Sloterdijk projects. While on the train down I worked through some journal work; and then came back to the hotel to finish a task that has needed to be finished for some time.

A more significant thing is that the first complete chapter, back from second round revisions, is done for the Sloterdijk book. By Sjoerd van Tuinen of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, it discusses Sloterdijk’s work on rage in relation to Nietzsche’s thoughts on ressentiment.  Sjoerd is the author of Peter Sloterdijk: Ein Profil, and editor of a few volumes of essays on his work. As with all the contributors, I’m delighted he agreed to be involved.

And finally, posted with the same respect for the work that the creator surely had, here is your very own Speculative Realism Blog Name Generator. Some of these are really good. Now Susan and I are off for dinner with Luiza Bialasiewicz.

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