Society for European Philosophy CFP

(reposted from AHB) Annoyingly this clashes with the Royal Geographical Society conference in London.

The Society for European Philosophy and
The Forum for European Philosophy
Joint Conference 2011

York St John University, York, UK
31st August-3rd September 2011


Joan Copjec (University at Buffalo)
Graham Harman (American University, Cairo)
Michèle Le Doeuff (Centre National de la Recherche Scientific, Paris)

The Society for European Philosophy (SEP) aims to provide a forum for research and teaching in all areas of European philosophy, broadly construed. It provides an opportunity for scholars from any country, and any discipline, to come together and share ideas. The Forum for European Philosophy (FEP) seeks to bring philosophical ideas to the attention of a wider public audience. Since 1997, the SEP-FEP conference has been an important annual event for students and scholars of European philosophy throughout the world.


In a year when the UK has seen devastating cuts in the funding of the arts and humanities, it would be easy to be pessimistic about the future of Continental Philosophy. Yet, while reflection on the challenges ahead is certainly necessary, recent events also offer us the opportunity to respond to those who dismiss European Philosophy, not only with a vigorous defense, but also a demonstration and celebration of the profound impact it has had and continues to have on an enormous range of other disciplines.

So, while this year’s conference follows recent tradition in not having a theme, and thereby welcomes proposals from the broadest range of European philosophical thought, we particularly welcome papers and other contributions that explore the limits of what can be placed together with, and within, the category of philosophy.

“PHILOSOPHY &….” is here offered as an opening onto the interdisciplinary terrains upon which European philosophy engages, provokes, interrupts and enriches (as it, in turn, is engaged, provoked, interrupted and enriched by them):

….politics; visual culture; performance art; art practice; architecture; literature; music; film/video; theatre; dance; science; feminism; cultural studies; psychoanalysis; and much more….

Anyone interested in presenting a paper, proposing a themed panel, or offering a different type of contribution, should submit a one page abstract to Gary Peters: The deadline for submissions is May 6th, 2011. Please include your name, affiliation (if any, and please note that we wish to encourage proposals from independent scholars), your email and postal address. Decisions regarding the programme will be made by June 3rd.

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