Sloterdijk Now submitted

The manuscript of Sloterdijk Now has just been sent to the publisher. The final two chapters – by Wieland Hoban on Sloterdijk’s stylistic methods and Efraín Kristal on his engagement with literature – have been wrapped up in final form. These are two really interesting chapters from his principal English translator and the chair of the department of Comparative Literature at UCLA. Their chapters really add a different perspective to the book. After they were done, the front matter – bios, abbreviations, acknowledgements – was put together. I finally stopped fiddling with the introduction.

I’ve said a little about bits of the book over the past few weeks. On the Sjoerd van Tuinen chapter; on the Babette Babich and Eduardo Mendieta chapters; those by Marie-Eve Morin and Jean-Pierre Couture here; and on Nigel Thrift’s chapter and the introduction here. There should hopefully also be a translation of a piece by Sloterdijk, which is still to be agreed. The cover is here; backcover blurb here. Polity’s page for the book is here.

One final read through of the whole, and now it’s out of my hands and into those of the reviewers for Polity.

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3 Responses to Sloterdijk Now submitted

  1. Dean says:

    Great news!

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