Talks in Sydney, Canberra, London, Cambridge

I’ve agreed to give a few more talks. On March 11th, the day after I speak at the Centre for Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney, I will head across town to the Law Faculty at University of New South Wales, as part of this new project on Public Law and Legal Theory. This too will be on The Birth of Territory.

While at ANU, I’ll be giving a couple of talks. The new one in the diary is on March 29th to their ‘work in progress’ seminar. So that will be about where I’m then at with ‘The Space of the World’ project. The working title for the talk is ‘Fossils’. There will also be one on 28th April, on the project more generally.

I return to the UK in late May, and a few days later there are tentative plans for an event in London to discuss William Connolly’s A World of Becoming, with a range of commentators and Bill responding. Nathan Widder is organising this, and I was pleased to be asked, especially given the relation to my own work on ‘world’. More details when it’s fixed up.

I’ll then be back in London for England vs Sri Lanka at Lord’s, but head over to the Cambridge University Geographical Society on June 6th. That will probably be about territory in some form – not sure the format or exact topic as yet.

As ever, full details of talks etc. are here.

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