CFP: Geographies of Translation

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2011, London, 31 Aug – 2 Sept 2011.

CFP: Geographies of Translation

Organisers: Dean W. Bond (University of Toronto) and Luise Fischer (University of Edinburgh)

Sponsorship: Historical Geography Research Group

Over the years, the concept of ‘translation’ (Übersetzung; traduction) has acquired different meanings for scholars in different disciplines. This session explores the uniquely geographical aspects of translation. More particularly, it investigates what might be termed the ‘historical geographies of translation’ – the ways in which spaces and places informed the translation, production, circulation and reception of geography texts. The sessions thus aim to address fundamental questions such as: Which geography texts were translated in particular periods, and which were not? What were the spaces and places within which they were translated? What made a geographical work worthy of translation? How did local geographies and cross-border geographies interact to create and transform translations of geography texts?

We welcome papers that investigate the nature and significance of the translation of geography texts across a broad historical spectrum, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Papers might address topics such as the following:
  • The production, circulation, consumption and reception of translated works across times and spaces
  • Illegal prints of translated texts and their circulation
  • Changes in the frequency of translations of geographical texts within and between times and spaces
  • Translation and the ‘geographical tradition’
  • Translation and the making of Enlightenment geographies
  • Effects of the decline of Latin and the rise of vernacular scholarship

Since the investigation of ‘historical geographies of translation’ raises questions that inevitably traverse disciplinary boundaries, we also welcome submissions from historians of science and cultural historians with an interest in geographical themes.

All abstracts (less than 250 words) should be submitted electronically to both organisers (; by 11 February 2011. Also, please let us know if you have specific audio-visual requirements.

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