Why blog? (2)

The discussion on crit-geog-forum continues, with a long list of blogs by geographers and others with geographical content or relevance. One reason I didn’t mention, since it doesn’t apply to me, but which has come up, is that a lot of people use blogs as collaborative ventures or workspaces. On this topic, if you are in Dublin today, you could check out this workshop. There have also been a couple of interesting posts by people whose blogs I read.

At Place Hacking Bradley L. Garratt reflects on his time in London, and what it’s meant for him. Along the way he talks about his purpose in setting up the blog and where it has taken him. Amazing photos and stories.

At Critical Animal, Scu discusses the potential backlash against blogs, and links to my earlier post and one by Tim Morton (Eileen Joy’s comments there are worth reading too). Scu characterises the anti-blog attitude under five main categories:

There seems to be a cluster of ‘arguments’, (1) It trades off with doing the ‘real’ work of being a scholar. (2) It is too vague, too hasty, too half-formed, too unpolished. (3) It is time consuming. (4) It will trip me/you up in getting hired/tenured/published/loved/respected/etc. (5) People and movements use blogging in order to get hired/tenured/published/loved/respected/etc. that are fundamentally inauthentic or ephemeral.

In my case: 1) not for me; 2) possibly, but it’s a different medium, and we are all experimenting with how best to use it – these ‘weaknesses’ are also its strengths; 3) maybe, but not as much as I thought, and I find it saves time in other ways; 4) I haven’t noticed any negative effects on me; 5) for others to judge.

Just one thought about this question of time – “I don’t have the time”; “I don’t know how you find the time”; “it’s just a waste of time”; “I have more important things to do with my time” – we all have the same amount of time, we’ve just made different choices, or had them imposed upon us, in terms of how we use it.

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