Cahiers pour l’analyse

Thanks to Nick at Speculative Heresy for the reminder to check out the Cahiers d’analyse project website. Loads of interesting material there, including the debate between the Cercle d’épistémologie and Foucault in 1968, in which Foucault discusses some of themes that would be elaborated in The Archaeology of Knowledge. I’d read Foucault’s piece before, but not the initial questions and the Cercle’s responses. Great as Dits et écrits is as a resource, it can decontextualise the pieces from their initial setting, and we know much more about Foucault than almost all of his interlocutors. A similar attempt to resituate well-known Foucault material – in this case his interview with Hérodote – was at least the initial motivation behind the Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography collection Jeremy Crampton and I edited. Anyway, the point is to check out the Cahiers website– an excellent resource with lots of information.

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