Books on the boil

There has been a bit of a collision between different book projects recently…

We received the revised final proofs of Reading Kant’s Geography, which still had mistakes, including some that had been pointed out on the original final proofs. We now have final final proofs. This one has taken an age, but June is apparently still the aim.

Reviews back on the Sloterdijk Now manuscript. Generally very positive, but a few things for me to do, and a few for some of the contributors. It now looks almost certain that the book will include a newly translated piece by Sloterdijk – “Tatzeit des Ungeheuren: Zur philosophischen Rechtfertigung des Künstlichen”, from Nicht gerettet: Versuche nach Heidegger, pp. 367-87. The book still should be out this year. By any standards, but especially compared to other academic publishers, Polity are organised, efficient and fast – highly recommended.

Also some work on the running order and blurb for the Environment and Planning collection Sage are publishing, plus contracts, design issues, etc.

At the same time I am working on fossils for the paper here in a couple of weeks, which I think will in time form the basis for a chapter in the next book… And then of course there is The Birth of Territory. I’m hoping for more news soon.

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3 Responses to Books on the boil

  1. Selim K. says:

    wohoo! I did not know that Nicht gerettet was being translated, that’s a monster-book!

    Polity has incredibly smart editors who pick up true books, choose lasting books to translate and focus on series. I think recently Duke UP is like that.

    They just published Boltanski’s ‘On Critique’ (fr. 2009)

  2. stuartelden says:

    To clarify – it is only the one essay from Nicht gerettet that is being translated for this book. ‘Rules for the Human Zoo’ has been previously translated. To my knowledge the book as a whole is not scheduled for full translation – though of course this may change.

  3. Selim K. says:

    Oh, I got it. Thanks. also the one on mobilmachung was translated.

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