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Agnew, Elden, Nelson review essay

In the International Studies Review, a thoughtful review essay by Thomas J. Rubeck of John Agnew’s Globalization and Sovereignty; my Terror and Territory; and Scott Nelson’s Sovereignty and the Limits of the Liberal Imagination. A few excerpts on Terror and … Continue reading

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Fossils talk, and revised abstract

Four weeks ago I posted the abstract of the talk I will be giving tomorrow at the Humanities Research Centre here at ANU. That abstract was written at time when I had a vague sense of what I was going … Continue reading

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Bill Cronon and the Republicans

This story has been linked to by several others, but since Bill Cronon is on the editorial board of the Journal of Historical Geography, it now gives me a more direct reason to link to his blog. Well worth a look. … Continue reading

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Felix Driver on the History of Geography

In the comments to this earlier post of mine, some thoughts from Felix Driver. Since comments, especially to older posts, are not always noticed, I’m reposting here. Felix was, as my original post said, supportive of my piece. What he … Continue reading

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And more writing advice

This time from novelists, poets, etc. in The Guardian.

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More writing advice

From the Chronicle here, via Dean Bond’s blog. Some choice snippets: Writers sit at their desks for hours, wrestling with ideas. They ask questions, talk with other smart people over drinks or dinner, go on long walks. And then write … Continue reading

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Postmedieval Animals

Issue 2.1 of the interesting new journal Postmedieval, devoted to the question of animals, is available free-access until the end of March. Find it here. Thanks to ‘In the Middle’ for the link.

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Writing Advice

Here (via here). The last link takes you to Jo van Every’s advice blog, where she has been running a series on writing. The point with these – as said before – is not that the same thing works for … Continue reading

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Scales of the Earth

New Geographies 4, Scales of the Earth, edited by El Hadi Jazairy, is now available. The first Apollo images of the Earth have produced a perspective enabling humanity to act on Earth and its nature as if it controlled it from … Continue reading

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Translating Schmitt and Meillassoux

An interesting complaint about the packaging of Carl Schmitt translations here. The point is that these are slender volumes and could have been combined into something a little more worthwhile, which would also do away with the need for separate translator’s … Continue reading

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