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More Lefebvre translations?

Two publishers contact me on the same day about potential Lefebvre translations… I have some quite clear ideas of what of his so-far-untranslated work would be good, so hopefully this will lead to some new books in English.

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Not striking

It is now 24th March, and I’m supposed to be on strike. But I’m not. This is completely new for me – to be part of a union that has called a strike, and not to follow. Why?  I’m on … Continue reading

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Foucault’s Order of Things diagram

This is the diagram from Foucault’s The Order of Things. I couldn’t find it online, and wanted to use it in a talk. I’ve scanned it; cleaned it up a bit; and cut it in half so it is easier to … Continue reading

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Back in Canberra after a great few days in Tasmania. Will it be five years before I’m there again? Anyway, a post with a bunch of links… More stuff on blogs, here, here and here. More on the ‘Animal, Vegetable, … Continue reading

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Talking about territory in Tasmania

I gave my seminar on The Birth of Territory at the University of Tasmania today. Seemed to go well, with a good audience and interesting questions. The second event was a panel discussion with Jeff Malpas and Godfrey Baldacchino, chaired … Continue reading

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Weekend in Tasmania

Great weekend in Tasmania with Jeff and Margaret Malpas. Saturday at the Bream Creek Show, and then dinner with friends. Sunday to the terrific new Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and then up to Myrtle Forest for a short walk. … Continue reading

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Tasmania and Territory

Just about to leave to go to Tasmania. I am giving a talk on The Birth of Territory on Monday, but have the weekend there first. I spent three very happy months as a visiting scholar at the University of … Continue reading

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Libya, the UN and airstrikes

Now that the UN has voted for ‘all necessary measures’ short of an invasion, airstrikes cannot be far away. The UN website still doesn’t have resolution 1973 up, but it is available here. OP4 is the crucial one: 4. Authorizes … Continue reading

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Harman on Leibniz and Heidegger

In the Cultural Studies Review here.

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More on the history of philosophy and geography

Justin Smith (author of the Divine Machines book on Leibniz that is keenly anticipated) has a very interesting response to the Pasnau letter on the history of philosophy here (via New APPS). There are further responses at the Leiter Reports blog … Continue reading

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