Not going to the AAG

As I’ve written in lots of personal emails recently, no, I’m not going to the AAG in Seattle. The main reason is that I wanted to make the most of Australia, which I am visiting for only the second time, rather than lose a chunk of time here to a place I go frequently. I have tended to enjoy the big conferences if I go maybe every other year. Last year’s AAG in Washington D.C. I enjoyed a lot; the previous one I went to (Boston 2008) I liked much less. I will probably miss interesting sessions, will definitely miss people, and am very sorry to miss seeing Pion and Ros Whitehead receive very much deserved awards. I plan to be at the New York one in 2012.

There have been relatively few posts on my own work recently, but rather lots of links and announcements. But I’ve been busy working on the overall contours of ‘The Space of the World’ project, planning a seminar on previous work on that theme here at the ANU later this month, and working on the final revisions of the Sloterdijk Now book.

Lots of reading alongside all of this, including Manuel deLanda’s A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History; some stuff on the idea of ‘fictional worlds’; more on fossils and beginning to think a bit about the next theme, which is ‘wound’. I also did a little more reading of early novels of the ‘lost world’ genre (see the earlier post on Verne and Conan Doyle), discovering James de Mille’s A Strange Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder (1860s; published 1888); and Vladimir Obruchev’s Sannikov Land (1924). Both interesting, light, reading. Also a couple of book manuscripts to review, some other review and evaluation work, and lots of Society and Space stuff.

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