Updates to Downloads and Talks

I’ve added three pieces to the ‘Free Downloads’ section – the RGS awards piece mentioned earlier today; a piece on Lefebvre in French that appeared in Actuel Marx (the English version later appeared in Historical Materialism, for which you would need to ask me); and a piece on Lefebvre that was in the Momentarily: Learning from Mega-Events collection.

I’ve also been asked to give a lecture in Rome, to the Law faculty of Università Roma Tre. The title they suggested was “Territory: Still a Bounded Concept?” which I quite like, and so may simply go with that. The idea is to have three linked seminars over several months, with an invited speaker and respondents. Alessandra Di Martino, author of Il territorio: dallo Stato-nazione alla globalizzazione, will be one of them. Details of all forthcoming talks are here.

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