Ben Woodard, On An Ungrounded Earth

Interesting looking book coming out soon – Ben Woodard, On an Ungrounded Earth: Towards a New Geophilosophy (thanks to Tim Morton for the link).

From the Punctum books website

Geophilosophy is an odd form of philosophy torn between an overly narrow categorization of thinking and an overly vast project, a strange limitation of the noetic vistas of thought that simultaneously focuses on an entity as complex as the planet on which we live. Geophilosophy also questions the ground of thinking itself, the relation of the inorganic to the capacities and limits of thought. This book constructs an eclectic variant of geophilosophy through an engagement with digging machines, nuclear containment, giant worms, decay, hell, and xenoarcheaology via continental theory (Nietzsche, Deleuze, Schelling, et al.) and various cultural objects such as horror films, videogames, and weird fiction, with special attention to Speculative Realism and the work of Reza Negarestani. In a time where the earth as a whole is threatened by ecological collapse, On An Ungrounded Earth generates a perversely realist account of the earth as a dynamic engine materially and ideally invading and upsetting its human reduction to merely the ground beneath our feet.

I’ve mentioned this project before – books will be open-access and available as print on demand. The website as a whole – – well worth a look.

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