Lefebvre and Poulantzas review essay

The new issue of Society and Space is out. Among the interesting papers is a review essay by Andrew Jonas of The Poulantzas Reader and the State, Space, World collection of Henri Lefebvre’s work that Neil Brenner and I edited. You can find Jonas’s review here (requires subscription). Here’s the first paragraph:

On the face of it Nicos Poulantzas and Henri Lefebvre are strange bedfellows to find in a review of writings on state space. If the works of Poulantzas are required reading in many political science and sociology courses on state theory, he is not known for offering theoretical insights into the social and political construction of space. Exactly the opposite might be said of Lefebvre, whose extensive writings on space and the city have been widely explored by Anglo-American sociospatial theorists, such as Peter Saunders (1981), Mark Gottdiener (1985), Edward Soja (1989), and Andy Merrifield (2006), to name a few. Yet his work on the state is little known in the English-speaking world. So it was with some trepidation that I accepted the offer to write a combined review essay on these two edited collections of writings by Poulantzas and Lefebvre. Whilst the books share in common a deeply radical perspective on the state and the internationalization of capital, in the end they offer very different theoretical investigations into the relationship between the form of the state and the politics of space.

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