To do list

In the immortal words of Malcolm Tucker, “I’ve got a to-do list longer than a Leonard Cohen song”…

One of the things that has suffered has been this blog. As the last, somewhat grumpy, post indicated, we are moving, and so that has taken quite a bit of time. But I’ve also been teaching, marking, attending meetings, conducting annual staff reviews, applying for a grant, dealing with hundreds of emails, editing a journal, writing an editorial, another short piece, meeting current and potential PhD students, doing reviews for journals, proposal and manuscript reviews for publishers, booking flights and organising trips… My role as Academic Director of the International Boundaries Research Unit is one of the best bits of my job, but that’s taken up a lot of time recently. And I was on strike for a day, but everything I would have done on that day seems to have ended up being done anyway just at another time.

I have a paper which is probably 1 or 2 days away from being submitted; more conference/speaking travel to organise; a couple of invited lecture abstracts to write; another journal review to do; a publisher to chase; a lecture to write; and probably loads more. I don’t miss deadlines: I just sleep less.

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