Agamben – Homo Sacer structure

Update: a new graphic of the structure is available here.

Thanks to Nicholas Dahmann for this – the structure of Agamben’s Homo Sacer in graphic form… jpg and pdf.

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18 Responses to Agamben – Homo Sacer structure

  1. Adam Kotsko says:

    Why do you think Opus Dei is II.5? My impression was that it was IV.2.

  2. Adam Kotsko says:

    I have the galleys on my desk, and they have no indication of where it fits in the structure — so since it came out after 4.1, I figured it made sense that it’d be 4.2. I haven’t seen the cover.

  3. Nicholas Dahmann says:

    When I put this together, I relied upon my French printing. Looking now to the Bollati Boringhieri Edition website, the Italian cover also reads II, 5.

    The Italian edition is a handsome lavender color that matches perfectly Agamben’s sweater in an image accompanying a Portuguese translation of the Preface at the Brazilian blog TRADUZIRFANTASMAS (translate ghosts):

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  5. André Dias says:

    Any guesses on what II, 4 and IV, 2 will amount to? Agamben’s latest research presented in seminars concerns an «archeology of command and will» (Paris 8, EGS), and «the use of the body» (Paris 8).

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  7. just a reader says:

    I think that the quote at the end is from “The Kingdom and the Glory” not from the “Sacrament of Language”

  8. Clootz says:

    In turn, Agamben’s newest book, on the concept of “stasis,” is indexed as HS II,2 (rather than The Kingdom and the Glory):

  9. Kino says:

    Following Clootz’s comment: so there are now two books indexed as HS II, 2 — Stasis and Il regno e la gloria…?

    • Adam Kotsko says:

      Sources close to Agamben indicate that this is a “retcon” — K&G has been renumbered as 2.4, with Stasis now assuming the place of 2.2. This results in a completely filled-out structure.

  10. Kino says:

    Thanks, Adam!

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