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Global risks (apparently)

via Nick Srnicek – click on it to expand. I know this is ‘economic risks’ but interesting to see how minor a position ‘terrorism’ has. How would it have been seen ten years ago? [Update: some analysis here]

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Harvey’s new book

Also by David Harvey, his new book will be out in April – Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution. Interesting how he uses two of Lefebvre’s phrases in the subtitle, though the last at least … Continue reading

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Harvey on Capital Vol II

David Harvey’s lectures on Capital, Vol II will be available online beginning later this week. Details here. [update: now available here]

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Sahara reporters on Kano

A different source, including the Boko Haram statement. The news reports all seem to be focusing on the bombs, but from what I’m hearing lots of people were shot too, in a range of locations. The news reports continue to … Continue reading

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The situation in Kano

Susan is now in Abuja, having left Kano early this morning. No clear sense of where things go from here, but it was a large, well-coordinated attack on a number of different targets. The story was the lead on the … Continue reading

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New BBC report on Kano

Here. The death toll is much higher than official figures, and likely higher than the BBC reports. [Update: there is a Guardian report here, and they now seem to have a reporter in the country, albeit in Lagos, which is … Continue reading

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A little more on the situation in Kano

The news reports are not helpful in getting a sense of what is actually going on in Kano. The reports I linked to are being written largely by people outside of the country and relying on the AP reports. Nigerian … Continue reading

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Bombs in Kano

Yesterday there were a number of bombs and some shootings in the northern Nigerian city of Kano, where Susan is living and working. We’ve spoken on the phone a few times and the plan is that she and other British … Continue reading

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Reading Kant’s Geography in Atlanta

There will be a session on Reading Kant’s Geography, at the Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, 27-30 December 2012. No confirmed details as yet, though both Eduardo Mendieta and I plan to be … Continue reading

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Air-Target and the Politics of Verticality

Some very interesting looking pieces in a recent issue of Theory, Culture and Society – thanks to Oliver Belcher for the link. Will be good reading for my ‘volume’ work. Peter Adey, Mark Whitehead, and Alison J. Williams, “Introduction: Air-target: Distance, … Continue reading

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