More doubts about the Jeremy Bamber conviction

Ballistics experts raise doubts as to whether the much-disputed silencer was ever used – report in The Guardian, and a video reviewing the case a year ago. I said something about this case in my piece on the Troy Davis execution last year. Bamber recently lost his appeal against the ‘full life’ sentence, so it appears that only an overturning of the conviction could lead to his release. There remain serious doubts, not only about the silencer but also about the conduct of the Essex police. Even the policeman in the video agrees the investigation was ‘badly handled’ though he maintains the right result came anyway. A full review seems essential. Another BBC report provides some recent background.

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1 Response to More doubts about the Jeremy Bamber conviction

  1. Phillip Wand says:

    There are 2 possibilites:

    (a) Brother kills family for his inheritance and tries to frame sister

    (b) Sister ‘goes crazy’ at a financially convenient time for her brother, develops competence with a gun and physical strength from a ‘frenzy’, successfully kills everyone and herself and is conveniently absolved from all blame thanks to conspiring relatives, an evil ex-girlfriend and a dastardly bunch of coppers, none of whom have yet admitted wrongdoing or implicated anyone.

    Even Major Charles Ingram would choose (a) without changing his mind at the last second

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