Five free downloads

I’ve uploaded the pdfs of these five papers. I’ll put another five up when I have the chance. This page has the complete list of all the things I know are available free online.

Elden, S. Another sense of Demos: Kleisthenes and the Greek division of the Polis. Democratization. 2003;10:135-156.

Elden, S. & Mendieta, E. Being-With as Making Worlds: The ‘Second Coming’ of Peter Sloterdijk. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. 2009;27:1-11.

Elden, S. Between Marx and Heidegger: Politics, Philosophy and Lefebvre’s ‘The Production of Space’. Antipode. 2004;36:86-105.

Elden, S. Blair, Neo-Conservatism and The War on Territorial Integrity. International Politics. 2007;44:37-57.

Elden, S. The constitution of the normal: monsters and masturbation at the Collège de France. Boundary 2. 2001;28:91-105.

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