Oliver Belcher blog renamed

You can find it here. A post explaining the name change, focus etc. is here. A brief excerpt:

In the spirit of Benjamin, I have decided to narrow the focus of this blog to the nexus between “nature,” science, technology, aesthetics, and war. Too often, war is interrogated through the lens of geopolitics, state relations, military history, and, of course, the existential framings popularized by Jünger’s writings in the 1930s, and which continue to the present day. The mystical qualities of “fate” and “heroism” occupy a central place in discussing war. Like Benjamin, I view these “passionate eulogies” as a dangerous aestheticization of politics.

This blog intends to do the opposite by focusing on the conditions of possibility for such fantasies and aesthetics within the U.S. military apparatus, and the far-out sci-fi imagination at work in certain branches, like DARPA — What I call, and have named this blog: Darpa Dreaming.

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