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Elden, S. Rethinking the Polis: Implications of Heidegger’s Questioning the  Political. Political Geography. 2000;19:407-422.

Elden, S. Some are Born Posthumously: The French Afterlife of Henri Lefebvre. Historical Materialism. 2006;14:185-202.

Elden, S. Spaces of Humanitarian Exception. Geografiska Annaler B: Human Geography. 2006;88:477-485.

Elden, S. Territorial integrity and the war on terror. Environment and Planning A. 2005;37:2083-2104.

Elden, S. The place of geometry: Heidegger’s mathematical excursus on Aristotle. The Heythrop Journal. 2001;42:311-328.

The full list is here.

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