Coriolanus in Edinburgh

Just as with New York – when I spoke at the Anachronic Shakespeare conference at NYU before the AAG  – I’ll be speaking about Shakespeare before the RGS in Edinburgh.

This will be the first (only?) outing for my paper on Coriolanus. It will be given as a keynote to a seminar organised by the ‘Bodies in Movement’ project at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2 July.

The draft title is “Bellies, Wounds, Infections, Animals, Territories: The Political Bodies of Coriolanus”. There are some early thoughts here and I used some of the work to inform my piece on the recent Ralph Fiennes film. This is part of the Shakespearean Territories project I mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m currently rereading The Tempest and Richard II for the banishment part of my ‘Outside Territory’ lecture in Paris and a paper in Nottingham in early May.

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