‘Palestinians and the End of the Peace Process’

Interesting looking report from the International Crisis Group – The Emperor has no Clothers: Palestinians and the End of the Peace Process.

Does anybody still believe in the Middle East Peace Process? Nineteen years after Oslo and thirteen years after a final settlement was supposed to be reached, prospects for a two-state solution are as dim as ever. The international community mechanically goes through the motions, with as little energy as conviction. The parties most directly concerned, the Israeli and Palestinian people, appear long ago to have lost hope. Substantive gaps are wide, and it has become a challenge to get the sides in the same room. The bad news is the U.S. presidential campaign, Arab Spring, Israel’s focus on Iran and European financial woes portend a peacemaking hiatus. The good news is such a hiatus is badly needed. The expected diplomatic lull is a chance to reconsider basic pillars of the process – not to discard the two-state solution, for no other option can possibly attract mutual assent; nor to give up on negotiations, for no outcome will be imposed from outside. But to incorporate new issues and constituencies; rethink Palestinian strategy to alter the balance of power; and put in place a more effective international architecture…

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One Response to ‘Palestinians and the End of the Peace Process’

  1. Chathan says:

    Aside from the fact that the premise here seems to have been addressed countless times before, what exactly should a new solution look like? Sure we can discuss what issues should be on the table but we need some kind of end game in mind. It’s easy to write off the one state solution as a hopeless or irresponsible utopian vision but in some form that’s what we already have in the entirety of the former British mandate, as Rashid Khalidi and others have noted. I’m not saying one should make it a political goal (the opposition noted is all too real) but that maybe we should start thinking more about how Palestinians and Israeli Jews can start sharing the land, be it in a confederation, condominium, what have you. Altered forms of the two-state solution as the long term goal may not necessarily work and could possibly prolong the situation. Indeed, it’s been increasingly argued that a two state solution of any kind in the long run further legitimizes an Israeli apartheid discourse that seeks to delegitimize it’s Arab citizens. There was a piece in Al Jazeera English recently on this aspect of the two state solution. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2012/05/201254104915143654.html

    Perhaps as someone who has been to Israel, you are in a position to elaborate or possibly disprove the assertions in the piece.

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