Aux frontières de l’animal

The book itself – edited by Annik Dubied, Juliet J. Fall, David Gerber – is in French, but here’s a paragraph in English describing it. More details here.

This edited volume brings together a diversity of viewpoints on human-animal relationships grounded in social science and the humanities. One question underpins all the contributions: how is the boundary between humans and animals made, maintained, and moved? This is dealt with in multiple ways by the different authors who each draw on their own disciplinary backgrounds in order to focus on the different forms and challenges, negotiations, performances or disappearances of the boundary between humans and animals. This ground-breaking and agenda-setting book deals with the ambiguities of the changing scientific definitions and hierarchies of human-animal difference, and with the presentations and representations of animals in relation to people. Ranging from philosophy to media sociology, through history, geography and literary studies, the various authors within this book together ground a new contemporary picture of the porosity and elasticity of what was once thought of as an absolute difference.


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