Sloterdijk at the Tate

Went to the Sloterdijk talk at the Tate yesterday. Nigel Thrift unfortunately couldn’t be there, so his place was taken by his Warwick colleague Ralf Rogowski. Rogowski gave an introduction and then Sloterdijk gave a talk. It was billed as more of a conversation than it actually was – Sloterdijk gave a very good introduction to and overview of his Spheres project, and then moved to reading a lecture that he said had been translated for him. The lecture was on ‘Spatialised Immunity’ and related to a number of themes in Spheres. I thought he was much better and more engaging when off script, and spoke for a long time. Rogowski then asked a few questions, and took a few from the audience. As he was when I’ve seen him speak before Sloterdijk didn’t always answer the questions, but he was usually interesting in replying to them.  The event was filmed and we were told it would be put up on youtube soon. I’ll link to it when it is.

The room was full – completely sold out according to the organizers. It was a large lecture room – maybe seating 250 people – and given tickets were £15 this would seem to indicate there is a lot of interest in his work. He spoke a little bit about now being part of British debates at the beginning of his remarks.

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2 Responses to Sloterdijk at the Tate

  1. kunzelman says:

    This is great to hear–I read Bubbles based on your mentioning Sloterdijk here, and I really took to it.

  2. Reblogged this on rhulgeopolitics and commented:
    Quick commentary from Progressive Geographies on Sloterdijk’s talk at the Tate. I was also there with RHUL colleagues Harriet Hawkins and Craig Martin. Although it was a bit disappointing that Nigel Thrift wasn’t there, I enjoyed the talk and the discussion. It was also interesting to hear Sloterdijk’s voice. Even though he is a prominent speaker I’ve only ever read his work. I’d describe it as a little like Michael Gambon’s, quite deep and resonant.

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