Border Walls – Reece Jones

Forthcoming in July with Zed books. At the Zed books blog, Reece discusses 10 years of the Israeli wall in the West Bank.

Here’s the blurb on the book:

Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, why are leading democracies like the United States, India and Israel building massive walls and fences on their borders? Despite predictions of a borderless world through globalization, these three countries alone have built an astonishing combined total of 5,700 kilometers of security barriers. In this groundbreaking work, Reece Jones analyzes how these controversial border security projects were justified in their respective countries, what consequences these physical barriers have on the lives of those living in these newly securitized spaces, and what long-term effects the hardening of political borders will have in these societies and globally.
Border Walls is a bold, important intervention that demonstrates that the exclusion and violence necessary to secure the borders of the modern state often undermine the very ideals of freedom and democracy they are meant to protect.

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2 Responses to Border Walls – Reece Jones

  1. bordernepal says:

    India may be erecting border fencing along some portion of the border with Nepal, not to allow the wild animals to travel cross-border forest areas of Nepal and India.

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