Graham Harman on Tristan Garcia

Graham Harman has written an interesting and detailed review essay on Tristan Garcia, concentrating on Forme et objet, at Berfrois. Forme et objet has been sitting in my basket for a while – this piece convinced me I should actually buy it. Here’s the final paragraph of the essay:

Forme et objet is an intricate piece of work by an emerging philosopher who is now a force to reckon with. It will take even more time to digest than the considerable time I have already invested in trying to understand the whole of the book’s argument. For those who read French, Forme et objet is worth significant reading time during the months to come; for those who do not, it can be hoped that an English translation will appear as quickly as the great length of the book permits. Tristan Garcia is most likely a name that we will all be pronouncing hundreds or thousands of times in the decades to come.

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1 Response to Graham Harman on Tristan Garcia

  1. Really, one of the cleverest piece of philosophy of this nascent century. Garcia writes to be understood. Worth reading. I really enjoyed it.

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