2013 publications

There will be three journal articles out in 2013, along with The Birth of Territory. Two of the articles are related to that book, but take arguments in different directions and link to future projects on Shakespeare and Foucault. The third links to The Space of World project – though I am unsure where that is going at the moment.

– ‘The Geopolitics of King Lear: Territory, Land, Earth’, for Law and Literature. There will be commentaries on this piece and a response.

‘How should we do the history of territory?’ for the launch issue of the new R.S.A. journal Territory, Politics, Governance. This paper was initially intended for an edited book coming out of The Foucault Effect 1991-2011 conference, but I was told that wasn’t going ahead so I was looking for another outlet. John Agnew asked if I might have something to submit to the journal and, after a round of reviews and some fairly small revisions, has just accepted it.

– ‘Secure the Volume: Vertical Geopolitics and the Depth of Power’ for Political Geography. This is an edited version of the lecture I gave in Edinburgh at the RGS. It will have commentaries from Peter Adey and Gavin Bridge, and a response from me.

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