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Derek Gregory’s Ten Rules for Presentations

Find them here. If everyone followed these then conferences would be a lot more tolerable.

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Derek Gregory blog – Geographical Imaginations

Derek Gregory has just started a blog at Geographical Imaginations. So far there are links to a number of his papers since The Colonial Present, future speaking dates, and a post where he talks about his current writing practices. Definitely … Continue reading

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Alasdair Pinkerton on the Falklands

Political geographer Alasdair Pinkerton has a good piece on the current situation in the Falklands/Malvinas at e-International Relations.

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Derrida on Animals

(via Biblioklept)

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François Raffoul reviews Jeff Malpas, Heidegger and the Thinking of Place

at NDPR.

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Originally posted on Biblioklept:
From Italo Calvino’s The Uses of Literature— The classics are the books of which we usually hear people say, “I am rereading . . . ” and never “I am reading . . . “ We use…

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Interview with Nina Power

Radio Free Everybody have an interview with Nina Power on Badiou, student protests and her writing – audio and transcript.

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The Birth of Territory production updates

University of Chicago Press have given me an update on the production of The Birth of Territory. Some good news – they (crucially marketing) have agreed to the title. This might seem a strange thing, given that they have been in … Continue reading

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Back in Nigeria

Arrived in Abuja a couple of days ago. Although I was in Abuja briefly on my last trip to Nigeria it wasn’t for that long, and seeing anything was restricted by the security after a bombing. This trip I will have … Continue reading

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‘Best Practices in Journal Publishing’

Interesting and useful piece in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Association -freely available here. Lots to think about for everyone involved in journals – authors, editors, publishers, reviewers. Via The Brooks Blog.

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