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Speculative Realism book series – new titles

Graham Harman’s blog notes that three new titles have been contracted for the  Speculative Realism series he edits for Edinburgh University Press. Levi R. Bryant, Onto-Cartographies: An Ontology of Space and Time Jon Cogburn, After Quietism: Analytic Philosophies of Immanence … Continue reading

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Graham Harman on Tristan Garcia

Graham Harman has written an interesting and detailed review essay on Tristan Garcia, concentrating on Forme et objet, at Berfrois. Forme et objet has been sitting in my basket for a while – this piece convinced me I should … Continue reading

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Writing grant and research proposals

Just found this really useful resource when looking for something else on Michael Watts’s site. Suggestions, examples, resources for writing dissertation proposals, grant proposals etc. While designed for (post)graduates and early career scholars, I think there is bound to be something … Continue reading

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Foucault’s Pierre Riviere project

Clare O’Farrell’s Foucault News blog has just posted the abstract for a very interesting piece on Foucault’s Moi, Pierre Rivière project – Michael Sheringham, “Michel Foucault, Pierre Rivière and the Archival Imaginary“, Comparative Critical Studies 8.2–3 (2011): 235–257. Sheringham talks about … Continue reading

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***Comments now closed; Joel and Geoff’s reply is available here. Thanks to all who contributed.*** A ‘symposium’, of course, is a party – ‘a convivial meeting for drinking, conversation, and intellectual entertainment’, as the OED…

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International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

Long weekend in Ibadan, staying at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. I’d not been in the south before – Ibadan is a large city in the southwest that sprawls for many miles. The IITA rents rooms and the grounds are … Continue reading

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Ash Amin on Democracy

Piece at Berfrois – draws on his forthcoming book with Nigel Thrift, Arts of the Political. If democracy means rule by the people for the people, it has broken down. All we have today is rule by elites for national … Continue reading

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Richard Polt reviews the new translation of Heidegger’s Beiträge

Richard Polt reviews the new translation of Heidegger’s Beiträge zur Philosophie – Contributions to Philosophy – at NDPR. Polt is the author of what I think is the best book on the Beiträge. He pulls no punches in his assessment … Continue reading

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The Wire in Lego

This is quite brilliant. The embed is not working properly, so find it here – thanks to Paul Harrison for the link.

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Modes of Writing

Following from the last post, I’m struck by Derek Gregory writing about his ‘Deadly Embrace’ lecture, because he outlines a mode of working that is almost the reverse of mine. Derek explains how he begins with the visual, and then over … Continue reading

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