Judith Butler – Adorno prize

Judith Butler has been awarded the Adorno prize (press release in German here). Given the remit of the prize, and Butler’s reputation, this seems highly deserved. However there was a piece in The Jerusalem Post criticising the award because Butler has criticised the state of Israel. There are other critical pieces online and a call for the prize to be rescinded. She has responded at Mondoweiss with dignity and clarity. Here’s the first paragraph of that response which also outlines the ‘charges’:

The Jerusalem Post recently published an article reporting that some organizations are opposed to my receiving the Adorno Prize, an award given every three years to someone who works in the tradition of critical theory broadly construed. The accusations against me are that I support Hamas and Hezbollah (which is not true) that I support BDS (partially true), and that I am anti-Semitic (patently false). Perhaps I should not be as surprised as I am that those who oppose my receiving the Adorno Prize would seek recourse to such scurrilous and unfounded charges to make their point. I am a scholar who gained an introduction to philosophy through Jewish thought, and I understand myself as defending and continuing a Jewish ethical tradition that includes figures such as Martin Buber and Hannah Arendt. I received a Jewish education in Cleveland, Ohio at The Temple under the tutelage of Rabbi Daniel Silver where I developed strong ethical views on the basis of Jewish philosophical thought. I learned, and came to accept, that we are called upon by others, and by ourselves, to respond to suffering and to call for its alleviation. But to do this, we have to hear the call, find the resources by which to respond, and sometimes suffer the consequences for speaking out as we do. I was taught at every step in my Jewish education that it is not acceptable to stay silent in the face of injustice. Such an injunction is a difficult one, since it does not tell us exactly when and how to speak, or how to speak in a way that does not produce a new injustice, or how to speak in a way that will be heard and registered in the right way. My actual position is not heard by these detractors, and perhaps that should not surprise me, since their tactic is to destroy the conditions of audibility.

The whole response is well worth reading – just stop after the bio, as the comments are not worth the time. Various people on facebook and email sent me these links – thanks.

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2 Responses to Judith Butler – Adorno prize

  1. Sebastian Alvarez says:

    She could get the Butler Prize at this point.

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