Some more free downloads

I’ve been posting up old papers here for a while, but haven’t done any recently. Here are a few more:

Elden, S. & Williams, A. The Territorial Integrity of Iraq, 2003-2007: Invocation, Violation, Viability. Geoforum. 2009;40:407-417.

Elden, S. The War of Races and the Constitution of the State: Foucault’s «Il faut défendre la société» and the Politics of Calculation. boundary 2. 2002;29:125-151.

Elden, S. There is a Politics of Space because Space is Political: Henri Lefebvre and the Production of Space. Radical Philosophy Review. 2007;10:101-116.

Dodds, K. & Elden, S. Thinking Ahead: David Cameron, the Henry Jackson Society and the British Neoconservatives. British Journal of Politics and International Relations. 2008;10:347-363.

Elden, S. Thinking Territory Historically. Geopolitics. 2010;15:757-761.

Elden, S. Through the eyes of the fantastic: Lefebvre, Rabelais and intellectual history. Historical Materialism. 2002;10:89-111.

The full list is here – I think this now links to all the short pieces I have in pdf format.

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