IJURR review essay on Foucault and Geography

The latest issue of IJURR has a review essay on cities by Martina Löw that takes the Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography collection that Jeremy Crampton and I edited as one of the three books under review.

The review is broadly appreciative though does make a small error. It suggests that

In 1976 Foucault addressed questions to the geographers of the French journal Hérodote, and they responded in an issue of the journal. However, the exchange did not appear in English until a translation was published in 1980. Members of the English-speaking community therefore read the interview only after having read Foucault’s works such as Discipline and Punish (1977) and The History of Sexuality (1978).

What actually happened was that Foucault was interviewed by the journal, for a piece that was indeed translated in 1980 for Colin Gordon’s Power/Knowledge collection – ‘Questions on Geography’. Foucault’s questions to the geographers (and some of the responses from Francophone geographers) were not translated until the collection under review. So while English-language readers had access to Foucault’s thoughts in 1980, they didn’t have access to his questions until 2007. It was making those questions, a selection of responses, and some new responses from English-language authors available that was the initial impetus behind this collection.

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