Derek Gregory on teaching and the start of the new academic year. Being in the UK means I have almost another month before this, though our ‘system’ means I’ve already had to do quite a lot of preparation. Don’t get me started on how early we need to specify assessments, give exam questions etc. Some interesting thoughts here on textbooks, writing essays, teaching practices, etc.

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The new term starts today, and while I’m determined to hang on to summer as long as I can – even as I feel it slipping between my fingers – there is something perfectly wonderful about starting a new year in September.  When I was in Cambridge there was something even more wonderful about starting in October, but either way I much prefer it to January when most (I originally wrote “normal”) people have to start their year.  At least it’s warm, even in Vancouver, there are still sunny days to linger over, the soft light is still there in the evening, and people are still relaxed enough to have time to talk.

I’ve been teaching full-time since I was 22, and honestly still enjoy it – particularly when I see the enthusiasm (mixed with trepidation) on the bright faces of new undergraduates and graduate students (I enjoy working with…

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