Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses

New journal Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses edited by a politics, IR, geography and sociology team.

Resilience is a fully peer-reviewed journal that creates a platform for dialogue about the processes, spaces, policies, practices and subjectivities through which resilience is seen to operate. As such, this journal draws together academic expertise from disciplines such as international sociology, geography, political theory, development studies, security studies, anthropology and law. The themes connected to resilience that we are interested in pursuing include: the practices of prevention, empowerment and capacity-building; the policies of resilience, as applied in different fields and at different levels and their interconnections, proliferation and implementation; the discourses of adaptation and vulnerability, their genealogy and construction in relation to the natural and human sciences; the processes of resilience, how ‘resilience thinking’ approaches complexity, networks, causality and agency in new ways; the spaces of construction, the arenas where communities and policy practices are constituted at a wide range of levels from the local and regional to the national and global; the economics of adaptation, the links with neoliberal approaches and the shift to the private and social sphere; the politics of resilience in relation to communities of resistance and the construction (and deconstruction) of the political; the subjectivities articulated in the interpellation of the subject as embedded, as self-securing and responsibilised, and as active and transformative.

Website here and flyer here.

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