FiveThirtyEight – counting the US election

I probably should have posted this a while back, but this blog at the NY Times has been the most useful thing I’ve being reading on the US election and the complications of the Electoral College system. One of the things I particularly appreciate is the construction of how difficult, even if the polls are inaccurate, it would be for Romney to win. Lots of numbers, maps, graphs and projections – I clearly still haven’t entirely shaken off my interest in psephology from undergraduate days. A few days ago Jeremy Crampton also discussed this blog among other things in saying why we should bet on an Obama victory. FiveThirtyEight has further improved Obama’s chance since Jeremy posted on this.

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  1. Election-junkies should also check out the blog. Run by an expat computer science professor at UVA (Amsterdam, that is; not Virginia), it, like 538, alternates between metablogging and doing independent analysis. Plus it’s nice to see another expat even more obsessed with the election polling (and associated gossip) than I am.

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