Amos Nascimento on Reading Kant’s Geography

Amos Nascimento has a detailed review of Reading Kant’s Geography in Radical Philosophy Review.

Reading Kant’s Geography is a groundbreaking colleciton of important interdisciplinary authors who present Immanuel Kant’s views on issues neglected for too long in Kantian scholarship. This pioneering initiative assesses not only Kant’s four decades of lectures on geography but also the problems regarding his manuscripts and their publication, the appropriation of his ideas by later generations, and the contemporary impact of such ideas in philosophy, geography, anthropology and politics. One of the greatest merits of this book is that it is not simply celebratory. While it does a great service rescuing Kant’s lectures and performing an archeological work to explain the importance of geography to Kant’s philosophy as a whole, this collection reveals many of Kant’s shortcoming, especially his controversial views on race, gender, geopolitics, and biology… For all the reasons above, this collection is definitely unique. It shall be mandatory reading for anyone interested in Kant, geography, and the question about humanity.

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