Shakespearean Territories in Oxford – audio available

I’ve posted the audio recording of my talk to the 1887 Society, Mansfield College, University of Oxford from earlier this week. The first 18 minutes discuss my work on territory and the Shakespeare project in more general terms; the example in the remainder of the lecture is Henry V. The discussion is available in a separate file – questions look at imagined geographies and territory; the importance of Jean Gottmann; and whether there is a shift in Shakespeare’s treatment of territory, particularly in relation to Elizabethan and Jacobean politics. (In the response to the last question I mix up Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Two Noble Kinsmen, though it’s a passing reference.)

There are a range of recordings of my talks available at the bottom of the Free Downloads page, as well as the various recordings of elements of The Birth of Territory project listed here.

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