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Originally posted on Greek Left Review:
By ROAR Collective By blaming the crisis on public spending, politicians’ and bankers’ only solution was to impose austerity. This has predictably worsened the debt crisis.   Excerpt via the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. “We are…

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The Lance Armstrong Network

Another remarkable map – the connections between Lance Armstrong, business and the cycling world. It’s a huge image but clicking on the compressed version below will take you to the original location.

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A Marxist Map of History

Roland Boer has discovered a map of European (mainly German) history between 1476 and 1648 – from the perspective of class struggle. You can also download them – Version 1 and Version 2 (thanks to Christina Petterson via Stalin’s Moustache).

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Originally posted on geographical imaginations:
A new edition (in fact the second) of Political concepts, an online magazine, includes – among many other fine things – essays by Susan Buck-Morss on Civilization, Ariella Azoulay on Revolution, Hagar Kotef on Movement…

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The Urban Fix links to Neil Gray’s critique of David Harvey’s Rebel Cities.

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Steven Shaviro on Lars von Trier’s Melancholia

Steven Shaviro’s 18,000 word essay on Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, previously available in the open-access, online film journal Sequence, is now available as well as a free ebook (in epub, mobi, and pdf formats) – via The Pinocchio Theory.

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Cohen against $100 books

Jeffrey Cohen rails against $100 books at In the Middle. I’ve noticed this price hike going on too, for print on demand books that have sold out in their first pressing.

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Is this what Democracy Looks Like?

A dossier of essays on the theme of ‘Is this what Democracy Looks Like?’ that relate to Occupy Wall Street. The essays are open access but linked to Social Text. An interesting experiment in publishing alongside some very good content. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Chris Harker on Thinking Urban Worlds

At his Families and Cities blog, my colleague Chris Harker reflects on the Thinking Urban Worlds workshop from a couple of weeks back.

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CFP – Discourse, Power, Resistance, 9-11 April 2013, Greenwich

The second call for papers for Discourse, Power, Resistance, 9-11 April 2013, Greenwich has been posted. Power can be a wonderful thing, as Terry Eagleton told the DPR conference in 2008: wonderful and essential for the achievement of our best … Continue reading

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