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Is this what Democracy Looks Like?

A dossier of essays on the theme of ‘Is this what Democracy Looks Like?’ that relate to Occupy Wall Street. The essays are open access but linked to Social Text. An interesting experiment in publishing alongside some very good content. Thanks to … Continue reading

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More on the Guy Fawkes mask

At Territorial Masquerades… from V for Vendetta to Anonymous, and from the Occupy protests to the Zapatistas.

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Guy Fawkes mask

Interesting piece in The Guardian on the contested meanings of the Guy Fawkes mask.

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John Protevi ‘The Rhythm and Resonance of Occupation’

At The Contemporary Condition (via Philosophy in a Time of Error).

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Judith Butler at Occupy Wall Street

Judith Butler briefly speaking, amplified by the ‘human microphone’. via John Protevi at New APPS – who offers some interesting thoughts here.

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