Radical Philosophy 177 out now

Imre Szeman, `What the Frack? Combustible Water and Other
Late Capitalist Novelties’
John Roberts, `The Two Names of Communism’
Peter Osborne, `More than Everything: Zizek’s Badiouian Hegel’
Nicolas Vieillescazes, `Strategies of Distinction: Ranciere’s Aisthesis’
Kate Soper, `John Mepham, 1938-2012′
Nik Heynen, `Neil Smith, 1954-2012′

Nina Power on Tiqqun’s Theory of the Young-Girl
Philip Derbyshire on Bruno
Bosteels’s Marx and Freud in Latin America
Jon Goodbun on Eden Medina’s Cybernetic Revolutionaries
Hannah Proctor on new books by Catherine Malabou
Jason E Smith on Frank Ruda’s Hegel’s Rabble
Chris Wilbert on new books on Animal Studies
Shannon W Sullivan on new books on the philosophy of race
Kostas Maronitis on Ash Amin’s Land of Strangers
Nik Heynen on Alex Loftus’s Everyday Environmentalism
Todd Cronan on Lisa Siraganian’s Modernism’s Other Work

Available £6 / $13 from all good booksellers, including
Waterstones, Tate, LRB.

Selected content from RP177 free at www.radicalphilosophy.com

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