Levi Bryant on the contents of his forthcoming book Onto-Cartography.

Larval Subjects .

For anyone who’s interested, here’s the table of contents for Onto-Cartography.  I’m about 2/3rds of the way through editing it and should, with luck, send it to Edinburgh this week.


Introduction:  For a Renewed Materialism

Part I.  Machines

1.         Towards a Posthuman Media Ecology

1.1.      Common Prejudices About Machines

1.2.      Varieties of Machines

1.3.      Posthuman Media Ecology

2.         What is a Machine?

2.1.      Machines Operate

2.2.      Machines are Split Between Their Powers and Products

2.3.      Machines are Binary Machines:  Trans-Corporeality

3.         Alien Phenomenology

3.1.      Machines are Structurally Open and Operationally Closed

3.2.      Alien Phenomenology, Second-Order Observation, and Post-Vitalist Ethology

4.         Machinic Assemblages and Entropy

4.1.      Machinic Assemblages

4.2.      Assemblages and Individuals

4.3.      Extended Minds and Bodies

4.4.      Entropy


Part II: Worlds


5.         The Structure of Worlds

5.1.      Ecologies of Worlds

5.2.      Content and Expression

6.         Topologies of Time and Space

6.1.      Space

6.2.      Time

6.3.      Overdetermination

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