Philosophy Activism Nature – call for papers on place


Philosophy Activism Nature 11 (June) 2014 will be themed on ‘Place’. Contributors are asked to curate an essay focused on one of the following: i) a personal response to a specific geographic site or situation ii) a dialogue with a philosophical proposition on place relevant to PAN’s concerns: environment, resistance and renewal, aesthetic underpinnings of sustainability iii) an exegesis of a symbol or an image that invokes contemporary place debates in anthropology, ecology, geography or other relevant disciplines. This issue’s editor would like contributors to offer a piece of writing that takes any form that suits the writer’s comportment to the subject; this might be academic, creative, highly structured and argumentative or open, discursive or ruminative – maps, photographs, soundscapes and other resources may be included. Our places of inhabitation call up the creativity of the inhabitant; consider your contribution as an act of inspiration, an animating action or influence.

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3 Responses to Philosophy Activism Nature – call for papers on place

  1. Shelley Hannigan says:

    Hi, Do you know when the cut of date is for submissions? Cheers Shelley

    Sent from my iPad

  2. tom bristow says:

    You can contact me directly:
    Kind regards

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