May 2013 issue of Theory, Culture & Society

The May 2013 issue of Theory, Culture & Society is now available, featuring:

Articles by Raminder Kaur on India and the Nuclear State, Joyce Dalsheim on Israeli settlements and Palestinian nationalism, Leon Tan on Mike Tyson’s Maori tattoo, intellectual property law and human rights, and Walter Nicholls on undocumented immigrants in France and the US. An interview with Michel Maffesoli on postmodernity, by Michael Tyldesley. A review article by Gabe Mythen on Ulrich Beck and religion. And book reviews by William Outhwaite on Habermas and the EU, Jussi Parikka on Tony Sampson and virality, Roy Boyne on C Mukerji and the canal du midi, and Maciej Musial on Hochschild and intimate life.

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