New open access book reviews

Some interesting new book reviews at Antipode.

We’ve seven – seven! – new book reviews in our open access repository:

Seth Schindler (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) on Ahmed et al.’s India’s New Economic Policy: A Critical Analysis;

Gerald Aiken (Durham University) on David Featherstone’s Solidarity: Hidden Histories and Geographies of Internationalism;

Malene Jacobsen (University of Kentucky) on Gregory Feldman’s The Migration Apparatus: Security, Labor, and Policymaking in the European Union;

Patrick Weir (University of Exeter) on Brad Evans’ Liberal Terror;

Soma Chatterjee (University of Toronto) on Harald Bauder’s Immigration Dialectic and Immigration and Settlement;

Kate Parizeau (University of Guelph) on Alex Loftus’ Everyday Environmentalism: Creating an Urban Political Ecology; and

John Agnew (UCLA) on Farhana Sultana and Alex Loftus’ The Right to Water: Politics, Governance, and Social Struggles.

If you’ve an idea for our more capacious ‘Book reviews, etc.’ section – it now features, in addition to reviews of both…

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