Radical Philosophy 180 out

Radical Philosophy 180, July/August 2013

Martin Marinos, `Hugo Chavez and Populist Leadership’

Alberto Toscano, `Politics in a Tragic Key’

David Cunningham, `Deadwood and the Historiography of Capitalism’

Simon Morgan Wortham, `The Nietzschean Origins of Lazzarato’s Indebted Man’

J’annine Jobling, `Gillian Howe, 1965-2013′

Esther Leslie on Yvonne Sherratt’s Hitler’s Philosophers

Lynne Segal on History and Psyche: Culture, Psychoanalysis and the Past

Ron Broglio on new books by Michel Serres

Todd Cronan on David Joselit’s After Art

Yaiza Hernandez Velazquez on Christoph Menke’s Force

Garin Dowd on Robert Sinnerbrink’s New Philosophies of Film

Tom Eyers on David Webb’s Foucault’s Archaeology

Christopher Ruth on Hemming’s Heidegger and Marx

Douglas Spencer on Cederstrom and Fleming’s Dead Man Working

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