Routes, Roads and Landscapes reviewed

New review at the Society & Space open site.

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  1. gabywolferink says:

    I took some very useful things from this book for my thesis on motorcycle experience, but I also agree with Julian Baker on the lack of focus on e.g. the vehicles and the experience of actual movement through the landscape. I believe the Coda, written by Gernot Böhme opens the path to more research into this area by articulating the importance of the experience of landscape during the actual act of movement which is different from e.g. moving – stopping – taking in the landscape/view.

    Paul Merriman and Catrin Webster (2008) (Travel projects: landscape, art, movement. Cultural Geographies, 16(4), pp.525–535) have approached this through Webster’s art and Miguel Grunstein’s short film “Absolutely Nothing, Next 22 miles. A Fugue for Motorcycle” (2012) tried to use motion picture to highlight on the experience of movement through motorcycling.

    Parts of the landscape passing by are blurred, whilst parts in front of you are more focused. There is the tiny bit you see in your rear-view mirrors and depending on the speed you travel at, the blurred things get more blurry and the things ahead more focused. But those blurry images accompanied by the sharper focused objects and parts of the surroundings are part of that motorcyclist’s world, or even more, they ARE the motorcyclist’s world at that point in time, and not the static picture or painting of a neatly organised landscape. Being on the road is more than getting from A to Z and stopping for experience at places B to Y. The process in between is as much as important. So well… that’s what I wanted to say about that, I guess.

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