Arun Saldanha – Some Principles of Geocommunism

At Geocritique:

Concentration of CO2 has hit 400 ppm. The economic crisis has from the start been an opportunity for an entrenchment of the economic power of the global elite. Hiding their oxymoronic status, green capitalism, ethical consumerism and geo-engineering are convincing everyone ecological disaster can be averted. In the face of the apocalypse it predicts, science remains at worst corrupt and at best spineless, while the left remains hindered by humanist conceptions of political agency. Not the modern city or the nation-state, but the Anthropocene is now the horizon of revolutionary politics.

What follows are theoretical principles. Unlike in 1848 or 1917 there is no spectre of communism haunting any country. No concrete strategies to take over power can be formulated. A belief communism can be revived for the twenty-first century is nonetheless stirring in some academic and activist circles. An understanding that capitalism does not work is widespread. There is an appetite for revolution and experiment. And there is a historical resurgence of apocalyptic imaginations. These currents – anticapitalism, revolution, apocalypse – are now to be pushed to the point where their complicity with liberal democracy cedes to a properly communist project. The prefix geo is necessary to signal both a break with nineteenth- and twentieth-century communism, and that it is the Anthropocene itself that has inaugurated the desirability of a new mode of production.

Geocommunism consists in politicising science, denaturalising Marxism, minimising humanism, secularising eschatology, collectivising Stoicism and eternalising revolution. [more here]


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